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About our affiliated schools

Since the CHEER Foundation began its teacher recruitment services more than twenty years ago, the organization has built trusted and reputable relationships with its affiliated schools, WLSA Shanghai Academy, XZY Middle School,  and Beijing No. 8 High School.

The CHEER Foundation also consults our affiliated schools in general human resource activities throughout the school year. This places CHEER in the unique position to provide teachers with hands-on support throughout the school year. 

Cheer recruits exclusively for these schools with the guarantee that with CHEER, they will be placed at a school in one of the two international capitals of China, with CHEER at their side to provide support throughout their Teaching Abroad journey.

The mission of WLSA Shanghai Academy (formerly known as WLSA Fudan Academy) is to develop globally-minded leaders who will help change the world for the better. WLSA Shanghai Academy (WSA) seeks to inspire its students to pursue their individual passions through an internationally-recognized innovative academic and co-curricular Global Impact Program (GIP), to meet the growing demands of international and local students in China preparing to study at top universities around the world.

In 2013, WLSA Shanghai Academy joined hands with Xin Zhu Yuan International Middle School (XZY) to present an international co-curricular bilingual program for grades 6 to 9. This ensures that WLSA / XZY students become effective, critical thinkers, in preparation for their studies in the WLSA Shanghai Academy.

Beijing No. 8 High School (founded in 1921) is a leader in international education and was the first school in Beijing to launch a program for gifted students, the first school to implement quality-oriented education, and one of the first schools to engage in international communication and exchange in Beijing. Beijing No. 8 High School teaches an American Program aimed at progression to American and British higher education.

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