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From the Chairman

Berry Bock, CHEER Chairman.jpg

Dear Friends,


The CHEER Foundation is a not for profit foundation, established in 1995, that works with innovative educators across the globe to deliver excellence and educational opportunity for students and teachers, spanning both private and public sectors. I’d like to invite you to join us on an ongoing intellectual journey that stimulates students and their mentors worldwide to discover and nurture their intellectual and creative talents and fulfill their unique personalities in the process.


Our purpose and mission is to foster and build educational partnerships between schools, colleges and universities in the European Union, China and the rest of the world. I sincerely hope our very comprehensive and broad ranging understanding of the values and impact of international cooperation in education will be for you, as a student, teacher, head of school or educational executive, the spark to liaise with us.


We see and firmly believe that such international educational cooperation benefits not only students and the educational institutions involved, but also the wider world. People with cross-cultural skills and experience are in urgent demand in order to promote further mutual understanding. The world is in dire need of moral and innovative leaders. Why not start filling the gap in education? We seek to inspire one another by offering a blend of teaching practices, different platforms for educational co-operation and many, many opportunities of meeting and getting to know each other.


Join us on this this creative and intellectual international walk, explore our activities and link-up to us, develop your own unique talents in the process and become part of our ever-growing inclusive educational community


Kindest regards,


Berry Bock


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