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Research & Innovation

Since its establishment in 1995, the CHEER Foundation has been devoted to education, research and development of joint venture programs and schools, with a focus on cross cultural understanding. We provide an educational consultancy service to Western and Chinese education institutions in the development and promotion of international curricula and programs.


One such example is the feasibility studies conducted by CHEER for British and Chinese schools in the establishment of joint venture schools in China. WLSA Shanghai Academy is an outstanding example of one of these joint venture schools, and has become a leader in Sino-British education in mainland China.

In a world where new technology and digital media continuously drives development at a fast pace, CHEER has refocused its research and innovation on ways to facilitate innovative, holistic and comprehensive approaches in dealing with challenges within the education field.


To remain on the forefront with these developments, CHEER in collaboration with its partners, has developed the following programs and services:

Skills Development Program (SDP)

SDP is a Program built around a series of investigations into different global issues, in English, culminating in an enterprise project. The aim is to encourage students to develop those very attributes of critical, independent thinking, understanding of different perspectives, and enterprise skills, that are valued in upper secondary, Higher Education and beyond.

To learn more about SDP, click here.

Cross Cultural Leadership Program (CCLP)

This unique and challenging program, developed exclusively for potential leaders in WLSA Associate Schools, brings together students from across the world to work together in small groups with a dedicated leadership mentor over two 10-week terms, culminating in an international capstone conference in the summer.


To learn more, visit: the CCLP page on the WLSA website by clicking here. 

Eastern Thought and Strategy (China)

This course is designed for western students who want to gain a better understanding of China. The course provides a holistic view of the origin and evolution of Chinese philosophy over the past 5000 years, and provides a comparison between Eastern and Western values and norms, where the differences are identified, and similarities  highlighted. Students are tasked with comparing different concepts to their own cultural perspectives, critically and objectively questioning and analyzing actual issues, and reviewing how different people deal with similar situations in various ways. This course will make students around the world discover mutual understanding. After all, communication and cooperation will be vital for all nations in the future.  

Market research and feasibility studies

CHEER is uniquely positioned to identify & explore new developments in education in China, and we do this by conducting market and feasibility research services for Western education institutions. For example, CHEER helped the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), a group of 25 independent schools in the United Kingdom and Wales and the largest secondary school group in the United Kingdom, to conduct market research and feasibility studies in finding suitable partners for establishing schools in China. Furthermore, CHEER conducted market surveys and analyses for Dutch university NHL Stenden in Leeuwaarden snd helped facilitate the establishment of a representative university office in China. 

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