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Everything you need to know about Teaching Abroad

What are the minimum requirements for a teaching position in China?

In order to be considered for a teaching position at one of our affiliated international schools in Shanghai or Beijing, applicants must be classified as ‘foreign experts’ by the issuing authority. To receive this classification, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid teaching degree or higher qualification

  • Must have at least two years full-time teaching experience in the subject they wish to teach

  • Must be below the age of 55

  • Must be fluent in English.

How does the selection process work?

The first phase of our teacher recruitment and selection process entails checking that you meet all the selection requirements outlined above. The second phase entails writing an English proficiency test, followed by a subject test for the class you wish to teach.


Upon successful completion, you will be invited for an interview and demo lesson with our agents in the Netherlands. Should you be presented with a formal offer from one of our affiliated schools, we will begin the visa application process and guide you through the different steps and supporting documents required.


Once your visa is granted, we purchase your flight ticket and you are off to China!

How does visa application process work?

A work visa, also called a Z-visa, is required for non-Chinese persons wanting to work in China. This visa is only granted if both you and your employer meet specific requirements. Our affiliated schools meet these requirements, and have the necessary accreditation to employ foreign nationals. Our schools submit the visa application on your behalf, and will obtain a certificate showing that you comply with the requirements which classify you as a foreign expert.

From our experience, the easiest way to obtain a Z-visa is to enter China with a tourist visa first. Our team in China will assist you with the application for your Z-Visa upon arrival. Your tourist visa is valid for only 30 days from the date of arrival during which time you and our CHEER agents will seek a ‘Temporary Residence Permit’ for the duration of your contract. Processing the application usually takes 4 working days.

What supporting documents will I need for my visa application?

In the Netherlands, you will require the following supporting documents in order to apply for your Z-visa:

  • A letter of reference clearly indicating two or more years of teaching experience in the subject you wish to teach. This letter should clearly mention a beginning and end date for your experience.

  • A color scan of your highest qualification certificate, notarized by the highest local government and the Chinese Embassy in Den Haag.

  • A non-criminal record report, notarized by the highest local government and the Chinese Embassy in Den Haag.

  • A health report. This document can be obtained from the Chinese embassy and completed by your doctor.

  • Color digital passport photo.

  • Color scan of your passport pages.

  • TEFL / Tesol Degree, notarized by the Chinese Embassy in Den Haag.

Everything I need to know upon arrival in China

Our helpful team in China will be ready to guide you through a gentle transition upon your arrival in China. But before you go, here you can download our helpful guides to assist you with preparation:

Shanghai Welcome Pack

Beijing Welcome Pack

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